Mountain Flying

Come to Mount Beauty to experience flying around 3D ground. Experienced glider pilots are welcome to visit us to widen their gliding experience.

If you are bored of just going around in circles come and try out our ridge lift and wave. Our experienced instructors can help you to develop the skills you need to enjoy flying along the ridges safely.

VSA Alpine Coaching Courses

Another option is to attend one of Victorian Soaring Association (VSA) courses "Alpine Coaching At Mt Beauty". This is for experienced pilots who wish to develop their skills in cross country mountain flying with tasks along the alpine chain from Mt Buller to Mt Kosciuszko. Attendance keeps growing – a sure sign of popularity.

See the VSA Coaching page for more information about the next course.

See also Detlev Rueff's photo compilation video from the 2016 VSA Alpine Coaching and Regatta week.

Fly among the hills

Flying around the hills of Mount Beauty can be great fun! For example, take a look at this video by Ben Talbot.

Visit Ben's youtube channel for more Mount Beauty gliding videos.