Mt Beauty Gliding Club

Established in 1976, the Mt Beauty Gliding Club is a vibrant group of enthusiastic glider pilots in the magnificent Upper Kiewa Valley at the aptly named town of Mt Beauty.

The club owns and operates an ASK-21 two seat glider using a fixed site winch to launch the glider.  The Club has about 60 members from around Victoria but mainly resident in north east Victoria and the Upper Kiewa Valley.  The Club also operates Hornet and Pilatus B4 single seat gliders for solo flights.  An ASK-21mi two-seat motor glider is also available on occasion.  Club members also operate several privately owned gliders and motor gliders.  Occasionally aerotow launches are also available.

The Club has several highly qualified and experienced instructors.  Training is conducted to solo standard, and for advanced cross country and mountain flying technique. Flying members have to also be members of the Gliding Federation of Australia. See this page for more information about GFA membership.

Visitors Welcome!

Visitors to Mt Beauty may take an Air Experience Flight and view the magnificent mountain scenery from the air.

Flying Times

We fly on nearly all weekends and Public Holidays. Mid week flying is available by arrangement. Contact us for more information.

Online Contest

The Online Contest (OLC) is a website where gliding clubs and individuals can compete based on the GPS tracks of their flights. Visit the Mt Beauty Gliding Club OLC page to view our flights.

Videos about our club

Have a look at the SOAR video on our home page for more information about gliding in general and our club in particular and the "Winch Launch" video below by George Skarbek.