Laura's First Solo

On Saturday the 27th of August, I had just flown with Mark Bland (one of my instructors) in the IS-28 two seater glider, when he asked me if I wanted to have a go on my own.  I answered him with a very excited yes!  Once I was strapped in and ready to launch, I was thinking to myself ''WOW”.  I was not expecting this and that meant I had to concentrate on my flight, not the people who were watching me.  When I was at the top of the launch I realised I was treating my flight as if there was an instructor in with me because I found I was talking to myself a lot.

I soon picked up a bit of a bumpy thermal (which let me know they were starting) and stayed in it for a while but then dropped out of it and when I tried to come back into it, it had disappeared and I was then flying in sink, so I decided I better start my downwind leg.  I did the F.U.S.T. check and the downwind call.  Then I focused on landing the glider safely on the ground.  Once I was on my final turn, I knew I was going to overshoot the fence by far, so I pulled the air brakes out full until I was down to the height I wanted to be, then put them in half way.  I then landed safely on the runway.

Once I had opened the canopy, Ben Talbot and Steve Bradbury were there taking video's and photos of me talking about how my flight went, and shaking hands with Mark Bland for completing my first solo.  After my first flight I did two more solo, which were great and another amazing experience for me!

By Laura

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