Learn to Fly at Mt Beauty

Mt Beauty Gliding Club has many fully qualified and very experienced instructors to guide you in your journey to becoming a pilot. We will take you through basic training all the way though cross country flying and aerobatics.

Your training can start at any age, but you must be at least 15 years of age to fly without an instructor (flying solo). As a result we generally recommend that people be at least 13 or 14 years of age before starting official training. Of course you can also start training any time after that as well!


It is required that you be a member of a gliding club and a member of the GFA (Gliding Federation of Australia).

Becoming a member of the club will give you reduced rates to hire our gliders. Rates for members under the age of 18 are even subsidised by the club to encourage young people to take part in this great sport.

Training & Achievments

After going solo (flying by yourself) the "A" certificate is your first step towards cross country flight. The "B" certificate will really get you going, also allowing you to fly with other "B" certificate holders.

The "C" certificate will allow you to finally spread your wings going cross country. Then a private passenger rating will even allow you to take up family and friends.

After that there are many certificates for cross country flying. Move on to single seat gliders and feel what it is like to become one with a machine. It is also possible to go on to Instructor training and help others to enjoy gliding like you do.

Full details about certificates and ratings can be found in the GFA Manual of Standard Procedures.

See Laura's First Solo page for a first hand description of learning to fly at Mt Beauty.

Start right now!

You can start right now by reading "Basic Gliding Knowledge". You can find the "OPS 0004 - Basic Gliding Knowledge" PDF on the GFA Operations Manuals page.

Pop down to Mt Beauty Airport and/or contact us about learning to fly!

Go flying video

This is a video of a short flight by Ben Talbot in our old IS28 glider.

See Ben Talbot's youtube channel for more Mt Beauty gliding videos.