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The foundation of a successful club is it's members.

And here they are February 2009.

Photo - Terry Knight


All members who are sufficiently experienced need to help out with the club's operations by periodically acting as Duty Instructor or Duty Pilot. Please regularly check the latest Alpine Flyer for your duty days.

If you cannot attend on your duty day please arrange for some else to take over for you and notify the club Secretary of the change (see the Our Club page for who is the current club Secretary).

Annual Checks

All glider pilots are required to pass an check flight each year. Arrange your check flight with the Duty Instructor before the day of your check flight. You can not just turn up at the airfield and expect instruction.

Please download, print and fill in the Annual Check Form and bring it with you for your annual check flight.


Online Contest

The Online Contest (OLC) is a website where gliding clubs and individuals can compete based on the GPS tracks of their flights.

Visit the Mt Beauty Gliding Club OLC page to view our flights.


MBGC Membership Fees as at 1st January 2016.

Free Flying
The hire of all Club owned gliders is free after 3 hours in a single flight.

Membership type Full Family Casual Junior Visitors
Joining Fee $150 $150 - $25 -
Annual Fee $150 $75 + $75 per family member. $50 $50 -
Damage restoration levy $50 $50 $50 $25 -
Debenture $700 $700 - - -
Winch Launch $14 $14 $22 $7 $22
Flight Time (per minute)          
Two seater $0.55 $0.55 $0.90 $0.45 $0.90
Hornet (GMK) $0.55 $0.55 $0.90 $0.45 $0.90
Pilatus B4 (GCD) $0.55 $0.55 $0.90 $0.45 $0.90
Hangar fees (Subject to availability)  
Permanent member $700 per year (~$13.46 per week)
Long term member $20 per week (whole soaring season)
Short term member $30 per week (or part thereof)
Visiting non member $50 per week (or part thereof)

New Members
When you join your membership fee will be based on the number of months remaining in the year. You should also deposit extra money to start your flying account so that you can start flying.

New members will also need to purchase a gliding pilot logbook ($6.00) and the gliding basic reference manual “Basic Gliding Knowledge” ($40.00). This can also be downloaded from the GFA Operations Manuals page. Look for the "OPS 0004 - Basic Gliding Knowledge" PDF file.

Your Flying Account
All members have a flying account with MBGC. When making a deposit into our bank account please include the name of the flying account (your name) to be credited in the transaction. To avoid disappointment please ensure that your flying account always has money in it. Your Annual Fee is also withdrawn from your flying account, so please ensure there are sufficient funds to cover this at the start of the year.

Non refundable
Membership fees (Joining Fee, Annual Fee and the Damage Restoration Levy) are not refundable.

Family Membership
The Committee will consider the definition of a "Family" on a case by case basis upon each application. Junior family members pay the normal Junior rate. There is no "Casual" family rate available.

Casual Membership
The number of flights allowed per year by Casual members is limited before Full Membership is required.

Junior Membership
A Junior Member is defined as a member who is not in full time employment and is not greater than age 18 years at the end of the calendar year in question.

Damage Restoration Levy
The Damage Restoration Levy is needed to build up a fund to cover the insurance excess charges on damage claims. In the Casual member category it will apply only to Casual members who fly club operated gliders. The necessity to continue the levy will be reviewed annually.

The Debenture is an interest free loan to Mt Beauty Gliding Club. It is redeemable within 12 months of ceasing membership of the Club. The timing of the redemption within the 12 months is at the discretion of the MBGC Executive Committee.

Our Bank Account
When making a deposit into our bank account please include the name of the flying account (your name) to be credited in the transaction.

Our bank account details are:
Bendigo Bank Mt Beauty
BSB 633 000
Account No 135890614